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Stockholmspuls – Interactive Installation

The city of Stockholm is growing. And faster than ever before.

Like a heart, the city centre is pulsating people through it's blood lines. And as the lines are clogging up, the city is literary in need of a heart surgery.

When being a part of a big organism, like a city, it's sometimes hard to see the big picture. Expanding and rebuilding a city is bound to cause traffic jams, followed by confused and stressed commuters.

We needed to make the commuters react and reflect on the amount of movement going on in an urban landscape everyday. Because without the people, the city stops. It's their movement that put the city to life.

The installation was the starting point of a larger communication project for Trafiksatsning Stockholm* that aims to create awareness about the movement in the city and why infrastructure improvements are necessary.

Everyone knows that it gets crowded during rush hours but not many people knows that 2,5 million trips are being made with public transportation every weekday.

The installation was set up in a corridor in one of Stockholm's subway stations to reach commuters when they were traveling. Every person passing was tracked and represented by a colored ball, projected on the wall. Making the commuters feel like they where a part of the movement.

The installation was running for one week and in just that week over 700 000 people went past.

The installation was not about politics or construction work. It was about movement, the people and their city.

The team

Oakwood Creative Digital Agency
Joakim Flodman, Creative Director
Paulo Barcelos, Creative Technologist
Luca Lolli, Creative Technologist
Sebastian Broms, Key Account Manager
Mia Kristenson, Account Manager
Evy Lybeck, Designer
Vincent Boiardt, Technical Director