Hello, we’re Oakwood

We’re a full service digital agency. We make brands loved, services popular and products sold out.

We’re a family of 30+ talented individuals. We develop strategies, tell stories, design commercial art and code cool stuff in an dynamic environment. Our roles are naturally intertwined and we bring the full set of skills to the table from day one. That way we can solve our clients’ business problems the best and most efficient way possible.

Since 2006 we’ve made digital flagship stores, visual identities, top listed apps, interactive installations and everything in between. And we’ve been greatly rewarded with renewed commitment from our clients and statuettes from some of the world’s biggest award shows.

Despite our digital heritage our approach is very human. We don't see clients or users as faceless numbers, but as the people they actually are. People who walk, talk, think and feel. People who want to be happy and achieve something in life. This way we can understand their true driving forces and make something engaging and useful, instead of stealing there time or making them buy something they’ll regret.

Because in an ever-changing environment, a long lasting relationship built on trust is one of the most valuable assets one can own. This is our belief and that's why we call ourselves Oakwood.

Become a part of Oakwood. We're always on the lookout for new family members. Email us at work@oakwood.se 

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Winning awards isn't our goal. But when we do great work, it's sometimes the result.

Oakwood is proud to be acknowledged by international awards like The Webbys and The Lovies. Wins include:

   - Best User Experience

   - Best Navigation/Structure

   - Best Visual Design, mobile & apps

   - Best Digital Practices

   - Best Live Experiences (Branded)

   - Best Viral Marketing

   - Best Shopping/Retail