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November 3, 2015 - No Comments!

Helping Tretorn reinvent the tennis ball (again)

Oakwood was asked to help Tretorn reconnect with their tennis fans. Tretorn is a brand with a lot of heritage and practically invented the tennis balls of today. Thus, we decided that the project should be around the iconic ball. A familiar item to any player (or anyone that has ever heard about tennis), the perfect message carrier.

In order to reconnect with the fans we had to make it personal. So we created the Tretorn Portrait Project and let the tennis fans create their own signature balls printed by a robot on Tretorn tennis balls.

This took place in our signature ball factory at the ATP and WTA tour in Båstad. During the week in Båstad Serena Williams, Marc Jacobs and 1300 others got their hands on a signature Tretorn Portrait tennisball.

Curious to know more about the tech behind this?


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November 17, 2014 - No Comments!

We are the robots…

A few weeks ago we ran the first edition of the Oakwood Creatures, the premiere activity in our Research & Development program (of which, but the way, a lot of cool stuff are coming out soon, so keep posted). It was a hands-on full-day workshop that celebrated technology as a major tool for creative expression.

The workshop came out of a desire to get more people curious about technology and over the barrier that electronics and programming are things only nerds can do. I used insights from the prototyping courses we have held at Berghs and Hyper Island, and my experiences from Kids Hack Day (a project that Oakwood supports) to create an activity that involved design, storytelling and logical thinking.


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October 1, 2014 - No Comments!

The Sound of Hacked Music

The Music Hack Day Berlin took place the 5-6 September at Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator in Berlin-Mitte.

During 24 hours technologists, developers, musicians and non-IT related people gathered to make innovative projects from any kind of idea involving music.

At our disposal we had a lab with tools, a 3D printer, a laser cutter and a budget to buy the material any participant could need.

The participants were clearly part of a community. Many had done projects together in previous “hackathons” and knew who was the go-to person if problem occurred.

Sponsors of the event were some of the biggest players in the music industry, like Universal Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer and Rdio. Despite the caliber of the sponsors the event wasn’t about money and producing market ready products, but to push the technology boundaries a bit further.

The big players are starting to realise how important creative and cathartic events like these are. Not only to bring developers closer to their products but also to have a broader overview of trends and movements in technology and culture.

As Erik Eitel – SoundCloud developer, evangelist and event host – put it when speaking to Die Welt (in German): “The keyword is 'disruption'. This means breaking ideas to bring new aspects into existing formats.”

The partners and sponsors also made a “meta data party”, where anyone could chose between several sources of information about music like albums, artists or concerts, which provided us with a platform to bring ideas to life.


People mixed APIs, found new ways to do the same tasks and created completely new experiences on a prototype level, which was all very inspirational.

Looking at the amount of playlist based, curating and interactive project that were presented it’s clear that there’s a need for these kinds of products on the market.

I’m glad to realise that the latest projects Oakwood have launched are in sync with that, and that we’re on par with the most creative and disruptive inventors when it comes to music.

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February 11, 2013 - 709 comments

Eating Sound & Touching Music

When me and Tomas bought the Makey Makey in it's early stages at Kickstarter, we had only one thing in mind: go bananas. When it was finally delivered months later, we decided to make something to show everyone here in the studio the potential of such tool and inspire fun side projects... Combining Monsieur Elg's passion for French food and my will to explore the boundaries of music making, we created  Eating Sound & Touching Music, a  kind of crazy collective-interactive-musical-experiment.


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October 22, 2012 - 634 comments

Escape from /dev/null

Me, Emil and Paulo attended /dev/null on Saturday.

Escape from /dev/null is a series of programming competitions, where each team solve small (but increasingly complicated) programming challenges to move ahead on a communal game-board.

During the day we created a 3D Tic-tac-toe, a simulation of life, a word scramble game and much more. Everything is available on our GitHub. Some stuff you can run right in the browser, others require a node.js server.

We had a great time and hopefully we'll get to attend to next one as well. There's pictures from the event available here.

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October 18, 2012 - 624 comments

Team Grillkrydda

Emil, Paulo and I are attending the /dev/null/ this weekend, an event where you get to compete in teams, solving programming problems. The last event had a gaming theme, and rumors says that it will be a gaming theme once again.

We're really excited about it. If you're attending, let us know on Twitter and maybe we can exchange some secret knowledge and get the upper hand on the others!

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