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Open Position: Account Director

We’re searching for you. A talented and experienced professional. You love technology, diversity, culture and media. You understand the principles of good communication and why they are still key in a digital marketplace. You have experience and the courage to combine technology, design and storytelling to create projects everyone else wish they had done.

Oakwood is a growing team of strategists, designers and technologists. We create digital experiences for our clients. It could be campaigns, websites, e-commerce, services, games, events, installations or things we haven’t realized we do yet! We're up for anything - as long as it’s a creative way to help our clients reach there goals. For us it’s all about telling a story and getting the message through.

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Open Position: Senior Digital Producer

We’re searching for you. A tech-savvy senior digital producer to our growing team of designers, developers and creatives. We invent and craft digital experiences for our clients. It could be websites, digital services, apps, games, installations or things we haven’t realized we do yet! We're up for anything - as long as it’s a creative way to help our clients reach their goals. And this is where you come into the picture.

You love technology, design and making things happen. You get rashes of sloppy code, bulky interfaces and slow websites. You’re a natural in getting teams to perform at their best and love managing mixed teams of designers, developers and creatives.

You have experience in agile project methods and know when to use it (and when not). You’re a people person, getting the team knit-tight and clients feeling comfortable. You share our vision to be best in class in what you do.

You have experience in and are psyched about:

  • Planning and executing a variety of digital projects such as digital services, websites and apps.
  • Managing online services, campaigns and websites
  • Agile project management
  • CMS and e-commerce platforms
  • SEO / SEM, web analytics, optimization and relevant tools
  • Resources planning
  • Getting your hands dirty

You also have:

  • 4+ years’ experience from working at an agency or tech startup
  • No problem fluently speaking and writing Swedish and English
  • Graduated one of those relevant schools

  Why you want to come to our table:

  • Epic opportunity to become an essential part of a growing agency
  • Freedom to pursue future clients and shape projects
  • Chance to work in a tight team of world class designers and developers
  • The opportunity to work (and contribute with your own ideas) at a creative agency, aspiring to take digital communication and craftsmanship to the next level
  • You believe that the tech revolution will change the industrial, economical and social environment a.k.a “the future”
  • We have ambition, vision and lots of energy
  • We will care about you, a lot.
  • Working with us is fun!

Send your application to

Last day to apply: 9th of January.

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Open position: Executive Assistant

We’re hiring a sidekick to our captain in charge. If you want a fast-track to a career as a digital strategist, producer, suit or what-not, this is your epic opportunity.

As a CEO sidekick (or “executive assistant” as some call it) you’ll be assisting with everything from finance administration, client strategies, preparing meetings, to initiate and running small projects of your own. The pace is gonna be high and we can guarantee no day will be the other one alike.  

We believe you:

– have a relevant education within economy, marketing, tech or similar.

– really really likes to keep things in order.

– have a great interest in digital communication, design and technology.

– have an eye for details. You know, the small ones that make the big difference.

– have a tongue and a pen that are fluent in Swedish and English.

Let us know who you are, why you want to work with us and what you’ve done before in an e-mail to Don’t wait with your application. We’re interviewing candidates starting like now.

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Propaganda for play

There’s a problem with the state of play. Kid’s imagination is shackled to rules. Their minds whipped by high expectations on performance. Not only is that less fun. It also stops them from practicing cooperation, solving problems and unwinding conflicts. And on top of that it drains their self-confidence. It’s literally depressing.

But there’s hope. Because deep down in every kid is a spark of magic. A superpower. Our wonderful client Toca Boca has made it their mission to unleash that power. And together we just made a campaign for parents to take a stand for free play. Read more

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Our smartest concept yet

Last year we started working with SmartShake. The company has revolutionised how gym-goers handle their supplements with their triple-compartment shaker. But with eager competitors breathing down their neck, and with a more diverse range of products in the pipeline, we were asked to take their brand to a new level.

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Try them out. Mash it up.

Ever heard of pocket operators? If you haven't yet, you sure will. Probably even in your sleep.

It's a series of micro synthesizers, made by Cheap Monday and Teenage Engineering. Small enough to fit in your pocket and simple enough to make music with your thumb.

To make people truly discover how genius this invention is, we made a website where you can try them out. By lining up functional digital version of the pocket operators you can create your own electronic masterpieces, straight in the browser. And the best part is, anything you do sounds awesome. Read more

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Helping Tretorn reinvent the tennis ball (again)

Oakwood was asked to help Tretorn reconnect with their tennis fans. Tretorn is a brand with a lot of heritage and practically invented the tennis balls of today. Thus, we decided that the project should be around the iconic ball. A familiar item to any player (or anyone that has ever heard about tennis), the perfect message carrier.

In order to reconnect with the fans we had to make it personal. So we created the Tretorn Portrait Project and let the tennis fans create their own signature balls printed by a robot on Tretorn tennis balls.

This took place in our signature ball factory at the ATP and WTA tour in Båstad. During the week in Båstad Serena Williams, Marc Jacobs and 1300 others got their hands on a signature Tretorn Portrait tennisball.

Curious to know more about the tech behind this?


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Frontend Developer

Are you the versatile, multi-faceted, web loving developer we're looking for? Awesome! We hope to find the next web superstar.

You’ll join a tight-knit team of creative developers. Together we’ll push our projects to the fore-front of technology. Our projects range from brand building e-commerce sites and large web services for companies such as Universal Music to experimental hardware hacks.

Perhaps you have long experience with creating HTML and JavaScript applications using any of the popular MVC frameworks? Or maybe the art of HTML and CSS and keeping that managable on an enterprise level is your cup of tea? Either way, we would like to hear from you! Read more

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Hola Barcelona, ja som aquí!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve just opened up our first satellite office. With our new family members Xavi, Julio & Toni we’ve hit the ground running in the cosy neighbourhood of El Born. Our new Spanish office is focused on digital service development with that Oakwood flavour in it. Give us an “Hola” if you want to know more!

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