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Relation Chips

To help MTV launch new seasons of two drama series we cooked up a full-flavoured campaign. Quite literally.

Awkward and Faking It are MTV’s big high school drama shows. For the launch of the new seasons they wanted a joint campaign for the two shows, that activated existing fans and reached out to new ones.

With the shows being all about love and friendship, we made that our main theme. And with the insight that fans get together to enjoy the shows over a bag of snacks, we boiled it down to a rather crispy concept: Relation Chips.

With a campaign site at the core, fans can create their own bag of Relation Chips. With flavours ranging from “cheesy” to “smokey” to “freshly made” to “hot”, the digital bags are a perfect way to express their relationships. And by sharing a fun and colourful gif of their bag in social media, they also have a chance to win the real deal.

Check out the campaign and make your own bag on

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