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Propaganda for play

There’s a problem with the state of play. Kid’s imagination is shackled to rules. Their minds whipped by high expectations on performance. Not only is that less fun. It also stops them from practicing cooperation, solving problems and unwinding conflicts. And on top of that it drains their self-confidence. It’s literally depressing.

But there’s hope. Because deep down in every kid is a spark of magic. A superpower. Our wonderful client Toca Boca has made it their mission to unleash that power. And together we just made a campaign for parents to take a stand for free play.

The heart of the campaign comes in the form of propaganda-style "Stand for Play” posters. Parents can order them via a website and have them delivered to their door. Together with a bunch of stickers. Because these posters are not only posters. The back is a canvas for colourful creativity. This way families can play together. And by sharing their artwork with #standforplay they become ambassadors for the cause.


To make the campaign truly back up the message we did the whole user experience playful. Just like we did with the poster we turned the website into a canvas. Visit and go crazy with stickers and spray cans. And why not join the pledge while you’re at it? Join the fight for free creativity

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