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Try them out. Mash it up.

Ever heard of pocket operators? If you haven't yet, you sure will. Probably even in your sleep.

It's a series of micro synthesizers, made by Cheap Monday and Teenage Engineering. Small enough to fit in your pocket and simple enough to make music with your thumb.

To make people truly discover how genius this invention is, we made a website where you can try them out. By lining up functional digital version of the pocket operators you can create your own electronic masterpieces, straight in the browser. And the best part is, anything you do sounds awesome.


The result was so much fun we had to tell our developers to stop making music and get back to coding in order to reach the deadline. Because we wanted to make it even more fun. And what's more fun than making music with pocket operators? Doing it with friends.

By scraping pocket operator videos from Instagram we made an Instagram turntable. It lets you mash up two random pocket operator tunes like a DJ mixes records.


Try it out and get addicted on cheapmonday.com/pocket-operators

Pro tip: use your numeric keyboard (1-9) for fastest possible interaction with the sounds. And if you want your tunes to be picked up by the Instagram turntable, don't forget tag it with #CMXTE

Happy operating!

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