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Frontend Developer

Are you the versatile, multi-faceted, web loving developer we're looking for? Awesome! We hope to find the next web superstar.

You’ll join a tight-knit team of creative developers. Together we’ll push our projects to the fore-front of technology. Our projects range from brand building e-commerce sites and large web services for companies such as Universal Music to experimental hardware hacks.

Perhaps you have long experience with creating HTML and JavaScript applications using any of the popular MVC frameworks? Or maybe the art of HTML and CSS and keeping that managable on an enterprise level is your cup of tea? Either way, we would like to hear from you!

In our team you will be an integral part of making sure we evolve as a team. We try to revise our standards and tools to keep up with the best practices and our project requirements. We have regular "dev-chats" and workshops within the developer team where we discuss our latest projects, success stories (or disasters) and industry news.

We expect that you have:

  • Expert JavaScript skills!
  • Experience developing large scale applications using HTML and JavaScript
  • Portfolio or list of recent projects

We hope you have experience with:

  • Server side languages such as PHP
  • Task runners (we like Gulp!)
  • Version control using Git
  • Running virtual environments and perhaps (fingers crossed) Unix.

We, also, hope that you:

  • Are passionate about Open Source (we are!)
  • Are active within the developer community
  • Have a GitHub account filled with fun stuff (psst… github.com/oakwood)

Why you want to come to our table:

  • Epic opportunity to become an essential part of a growing agency.
  • Freedom to shape projects.
  • Chance to work in a tight team of world class designers and developers.
  • The opportunity to work (and contribute with your own ideas) at a creative agency, aspiring to take digital craftsmanship to the next level.
  • You believe that the tech revolution will change the industrial, economical and social environment. Also knows as the future.
  • We believe in continuous learning. You'll get your personal budget for education, conferences or what you might need to evolve.
  • We have ambition, vision and lots of energy.

This is a full-time, on-site position.

Please send your application to work@oakwood.se, mark the application “Frontend Developer”.

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