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Our shittiest campaign ever

To launch Urbanears’ new Plattan ADV we’ve gathered a flock of pigeons to call the numbers in a game of bingo – by shitting on the headphones.

It might sound crazy, but it actually makes total sense. One of the features of the new Plattan ADV happens to be a washable headband. Something that comes in handy when it gets dirty from hair gel. But also when it’s exposed to urban hazards, such as overloaded pigeons. So to get people talking about the new product and visit their website, we’ve set up a game called pigeon bingo.

In short, we’ve built a 16 cubic metre large birdcage, where 25 pigeons sit above a grid of 25 Plattan ADV on plastic heads. Players pick the five heads they think the pigeons will shit on. The ones who get their heads hit get bingo, with the chance of winning a pair of the new headphone.


In total we’ll throw six different games of pigeon bingo. Each one will be live streamed on To spice things up we also have live commentators throughout the games, one of which is the famous youtuber Sp4zie.

The campaign runs from Monday 24th through to Wednesday 26th of November. If those days haven’t still passed when you read this, go to and sign up for the next game immediately. This is some shit you don’t wanna miss.

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