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Eating Sound & Touching Music

When me and Tomas bought the Makey Makey in it's early stages at Kickstarter, we had only one thing in mind: go bananas. When it was finally delivered months later, we decided to make something to show everyone here in the studio the potential of such tool and inspire fun side projects... Combining Monsieur Elg's passion for French food and my will to explore the boundaries of music making, we created  Eating Sound & Touching Music, a  kind of crazy collective-interactive-musical-experiment.

For the technically inclined; the project was also a challenge into trying Javascript as a legit option for creating complex interactive installations. It was very cool to have everything being powered by a web browser and I was particularly impressed with the power and flexibility of the WebAudio API. If you are curious, you can see most of the code I've used in there in source code of the happy toolkit, a small set of tools I am slowly hand-crafting every time I get to do a project like this.

A big thanks to Lisa for putting this video together!

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