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Are you into numbers, digital stuff and nicemaking in general? We have a job for you.

Posted by tomas @ 12 August 2014

We’re hiring an economy and office assistant to our office. Up for it?

You’re a pedantic perfectionist who can carry our office on your shoulders (figuratively speaking, unless you’re a giant). You make sure our administrative stuff is ordered like a stamp collection and that the feel good factor is constantly high in our office at Mariatorget on Södermalm. Check out the full story →



Come code with us!

Posted by Vincent @ 22 May 2014

Are you the versatile, multi-faceted, web loving, pro developer we’re looking for? Awesome! We hope to find the next web superstar.

You’ll join a tight-knit team of creative developers. Together we’ll push our projects to the fore-front of technology. Our projects range from brand building e-commerce sites to large web services for companies such as Urbanears and Universal Music. Check out the full story →

Webbys 2014

Pow! Hat-trick in the Webbys!

Posted by tomas @ 28 April 2014

Did we unknowingly sign up for a subscription on the Consumer Electronics prize in the Webby Awards? Or do we just happen to make awesome websites? We’re not sure, but somehow we managed to win the category for the third consecutive year. For the same client. Thanks Zound Industries for great teamwork on the Urbanears site (which also happened to win the Best Visual Design category for mobile and apps, and got an honoree in Best Practice). And thanks Universal for great teamwork on the #TrueReveal campaign that got an honoree in Viral Marketing. And thanks everyone who voted for us in People’s Voice Award. Now, let’s pop the champagne!

Check out the full story →

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Twitter campaign hooked over 100.000 Avicii fans

Posted by tomas @ 10 April 2014

A few months back we made an experiment in a nuclear reactor to launch the cover art of Avicii’s new album with the force of Tweets. The plan was to smash a black glass pane that concealed the art work by letting tweeters pump up the volume on a stack of speakers behind it. It didn’t turned out quite as we expected.