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Our shittiest campaign ever

Posted by tomas @ 25 November 2014

To launch Urbanears’ new Plattan ADV we’ve gathered a flock of pigeons to call the numbers in a game of bingo – by shitting on the headphones.

It might sound crazy, but it actually makes total sense. One of the features of the new Plattan ADV happens to be a washable headband. Something that comes in handy when it gets dirty from hair gel. But also when it’s exposed to urban hazards, such as overloaded pigeons. So to get people talking about the new product and visit their website, we’ve set up a game called pigeon bingo. Check out the full story →



We are the robots…

Posted by paulo @ 17 November 2014

A few weeks ago we ran the first edition of the Oakwood Creatures, the premiere activity in our Research & Development program (of which, but the way, a lot of cool stuff are coming out soon, so keep posted). It was a hands-on full-day workshop that celebrated technology as a major tool for creative expression.

The workshop came out of a desire to get more people curious about technology and over the barrier that electronics and programming are things only nerds can do. I used insights from the prototyping courses we have held at Berghs and Hyper Island, and my experiences from Kids Hack Day (a project that Oakwood supports) to create an activity that involved design, storytelling and logical thinking.

Check out the full story →

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We just cranked up the volume on marshallheadphone.com

Posted by tomas @ 25 October 2014

Marshall headphones has extended their range and wanted to better showcase their products online. To make it easier for users to explore it we gave their website a little touch up. At the same time we took the opportunity to give it a more dazzling expression and fine tune the mechanics to make more people click the buy button.


Open position: Creative Web Developer

Posted by Vincent @ 01 September 2014

Are you the versatile, multi-faceted, web loving, pro developer we’re looking for? Awesome! We hope to find the next web superstar.

You’ll join a tight-knit team of creative developers. Together we’ll push our projects to the fore-front of technology. Our projects range from brand building e-commerce sites and large web services for companies such as Universal Music to experimental hardware hacks. Check out the full story →

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